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Train with an ITF Taekwon-Do Master, International Competitor/Medalist, USA Junior Team Head Coach


Master O flying side kick

Master William Oulundsen
8th Degree Black Belt

Kids Test

ITF Certificate# A-8-7, ITF Plaque# 1149, ITF Umpire# 956, ITF Instructor# 1368


                                                        School Calendar

  • New England TKD Championships - May 12, 2018 South Windsor CT
  • Red Tiger Cup - May 19, 2018 Philadelphia PA.
  • General Choi Legacy TKD World Cup - June 2, 2018 Ottawa Canada
  • ITF Technical Seminar - June 15 - 17, 2018 New York
  • Grand Master Hwangs Summer Camp - July 19 - 22, 2018 Moodus CT
  • North American TKD Championship - October 7, 2018 New York

INTRODUCTORY SPECIAL - First Month Plus Uniform Only 49.95 !








Tuesday Night Kids and Adults Training


Why TaeKwon-Do?

Improve: Fitness, Flexibility, Focus, Self-Confidence & Coordination.
Learn: Practical Self-Defense and Personal Development with Professional and Organized Instruction



All Classes taught and/or supervised by Chief Instructor

All White Belt classes are taught semi-private

Oulundsens offers unlimited training upon becoming Yellow Belt with no contracts!

Special Friday night classes for patterns, sparring, and board breaking (these classes are 'as announced')

Introductory Special: 1st month plus uniform only $49.95 !



School Cancellations - Available by watching NBC 30, or check our facebook page.

New England Taekwondo Championships - May 12, 2018. Nomads Adventure Quest. South Windsor CT. Click Here for Registration Form.



* If interested in any ITF events, see Master Oulundsen, Master Jade Hwang